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Blist STOVE Man cave shed log burner Wood burner Multifuel caravan stove garden

Blist STOVE Man cave shed log burner Wood burner Multifuel caravan stove garden

Blist STOVE Man cave shed log burner Wood burner Multifuel caravan stove garden    Blist STOVE Man cave shed log burner Wood burner Multifuel caravan stove garden

BLIST EKONOMIK LM / LUX LMN stove The free-standing BLIST EKONOMIK LM fireplace stove is an extremely efficient heating device with a fashionable and modern look. The stove, thanks to its maximum power of 9 kW, is able to heat the surface up to 90 m2. Currently, one of the most popular fireplaces from the BLIST product series. The main advantage of the furnace is high efficiency, simplicity of construction and modern appearance.

BLIST EKONOMIK LM is one of the best goat steel furnaces currently available on the market in terms of quality/price. It is worth noting that the stove meets the strict requirements of the ECO Design 2022 standard (Ecodesign 2022), CE standard, and the German BImSchV standard, which emphasizes the high quality of the product. Technical parameters nominal heating power: 6.1 kW maximum heating power: 9.0 kW energy efficiency class: A. Energy efficiency index: 110 net weight: 37 kg gross weight: 47 kg recommended accessories for connection: BLIST upper exhaust outlet: diameter Ø 120mm efficiency: 74.7% CO emission at 13% O2: 0.09% pollen emission at 13% O2: 28.16 mg / Nm3 NOx content at 13% O2: 103.81 mg / Nm3 OGC content at 13%: 45.37 mg / Nm3 flue gas flow: 5.16 g / s flue gas temperature: 276 ° C average exhaust draft: 12 - 14 Pa fuel consumption: 1.50 kg / h fuel type: recommended seasoned hardwood with a moisture content of =20% mg / Nm3, briquettes, coal only as an addition up to 10%.

Functionality adjustable damper: NO deflector: YES grate: cast iron removable ash box: YES wood shelf under the hearth: YES. Lenght: 100cm / 39 inch. Diameter: 12cm / 4.7 inch.

Lenght: 30cm / 11.8 inch. Lenght: 96cm / 37.8 inch. Depth: 17cm / 6.7 inch.

Width: 32cm / 12.6 inch. Log Burner Dimensions external dimensions: width: 320mm x depth: 320mm x height: 870mm hearth dimensions: width: 250mm x depth: 230mm x height: 370mm Package dimensions: width: 330mm x depth: 360mm x height: 870mm grate dimensions: width: 250mm x depth: 150mm x thickness: 15mm door dimensions: width: 235mm x height: 240mm dimensions of the wood shelf: width: 310mm x depth: 300mm x height: 250mm Ready to ECODESIGN 2022, CE mark and BImSchV BLIST steel fireplaces are manufactured in accordance with the strictest safety, efficiency and exhaust emission standards contained in the ECODESIGN standard, which will be mandatory for European products from 2022. Our products meet all these standards and bear the READY to ECODESIGN mark. In addition, the products have the CE mark confirming certified safety as well as the strict German BImSchV standard, which allows the use of the fireplaces offered in Germany.

All compliance with the standards testifies to the very high quality of our fireplaces. Upper exhaust outlet, we offer all accessories for exhausting exhaust gases.

Sealed oven door - the door closure is sealed with a heat resistant cord for added safety. The large loading door makes loading even very large logs very easy. The anti-burn ebonite handle with a closure is a proven and good solution ensuring quick, safe, and comfortable use of the furnace. The material used (ebonite) is very durable and resistant to high temperatures. Japanese heat-resistant glass up to 800 ° C - ensures safe use of the stove even at very high temperatures.

The use of high-quality heat-resistant glass and the exhaust deflector to increase the temperature of the exhaust gases significantly reduce the soiling of the glass during the combustion process - the glass remains clean for longer. Deflector - the so-called "Smoke shelf" located at the top of the stove. What does an exhaust deflector do? First of all, it causes that the heated air from the combustion chamber does not go directly to the chimney. The BLIST stove is a new generation stove and it has a secondary combustion chamber, i.

There is a process of burning fuel particles that have not been burned before. The additional heat generated by this process increases the efficiency and performance of the furnace. The cooled and less polluted exhaust gas goes to the chimney. According to the calculations of furnace manufacturers, the deflector increases efficiency by about 30%. The furnace is surrounded by a thick steel body filled with fireclay bricks - the furnace is the heart of the furnace, which is made of thick, certified p265gh and 16M06 boiler sheets with a thickness of # 6mm.

Additionally, the furnace is lined with fireclay bricks, which have the following properties: high resistance and durability, and excellent heat accumulation properties. Fire clay is the most frequently chosen material for the construction or lining of fireplaces due to its properties. A removable ash box located below the combustion chamber ensures a very quick, easy, and trouble-free operation of the stove.

Regulation of the burning rate by regulating the air supply located in the door. This system of air supply to the combustion chamber maximizes its efficiency.

The air is brought under the grate, which facilitates and supports the combustion process. Closing or opening the holes translates into a reduction or increase in the burning rate. The large combustion chamber allows you to load a large amount of solid fuel for many hours. You save time because you don't have to add to the furnace every now and then.

This solution is convenient and saves time. A convenient shelf under the stove allows you to store wood, briquettes, or accessories for operating the stove there. Shelf dimensions: width - 300mm x height - 300mm x depth - 300mm.

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  1. Model: With Radiator+ 3m pipes
  2. Colour: Black
  3. Item Height: 87cm
  4. Item Depth: 32cm
  5. Item Width: 32cm
  6. Assembly Required: No
  7. Energy Efficiency Rating: A
  8. Material: Brick, Steel
  9. Mounting: 120mm flue pipe
  10. Type: Multifuel
  11. Year Manufactured: 2022
  12. Unit Type: Unit
  13. Room: Any Room, Basement, Bedroom, Conservatory, Dining Room, Garage, Hallway, Home Office/Study, Living Room, Lounge, Patio, Porch, Terrace, Workshop
  14. Fuel Type: Wood
  15. Power: 7.0kW
  16. Item Weight: 37kg
  17. Coverage: 800 ft² (74.3 m²)
  18. Brand: Blist
  19. Suitable For: Indoor, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor

Blist STOVE Man cave shed log burner Wood burner Multifuel caravan stove garden    Blist STOVE Man cave shed log burner Wood burner Multifuel caravan stove garden