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Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak

Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak
Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak

Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak    Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak
Outdoor ceiling fan IP44 24324 Hunter Outdoor Elements 132 brick body, solid teak blades. Hunter Outdoor Elements 24324 It is distinguished by having an IPX 4 water resistance giving it the possibility of a outdoor installation. It has a size of.

Their 5 blades Made of solid teak and its stainless aluminum body make it ideal for outdoor, outdoor spaces, terraces or balconies. Designed for environments with a size of 25 m2 and one height of 2.4 m - 2.8 m. Mounted, your blades are only 29.2 cm from the ceiling. A lamp can be added to this ceiling fan.

Compatible Hunter light kit for outdoor. And active through its chain, being able to control the light and its three speeds. Ranging from 145 rpm to 170 rpm, with a power of 15 W to 63 W. With which we will achieve an environmental comfort. To reverse function it creates a breeze that refreshes us in summer and, if installed indoors, helps keep the environments warm in winter (pushing the hot air that accumulates in the ceiling downwards). The Hunter Outdoor Elements fan can be mounted in a inclined roof with. An angle of up to 22 °. Due to its style, it is ideal for large balconies, terraces or open spaces. Hunter outdoor Elements outdoor ceiling fan catalog. All our models of ceiling fans. Everything you need to know about ceiling fans. Properties of ceiling fan without light Hunter 24324. Install your ceiling fan correctly modifying the height of the bar without losing the guarantee. (Consult us availability according to the model of ceiling fan). The ceiling fans for safety must be at a height above the ground 2.20 m , in most of the equipment, the distance between the blades and the ground exceeds 3m it will lose effectiveness. Look at this blog with a video of "do it yourself". False ceiling you can implement this support.

Diameter of the fan: 132 cm. Dimensions of the room: 24 m2. Color of the blades: Solid teak. Summer / winter function: Yes IPX4 suitable for outdoor.

Assembly without bars: Do not. Installation on a sloping roof. If up to 22 °. Revolutions per minute: Speed: 3 max.

Engine power: 15 W - 63 W. Weight of ceiling fan: 8.3 Kg.

Type of motor: Alternating current (AC). Hunter , American company, has more than 100 years in the market manufacturing ceiling fans. Most ceiling fans are assembled by manufacturers that use automated production lines where defects and errors are common for lack of control.

In Hunter the production lines are carried out by groups of expert workers, paying attention to the small details and responsible for the whole assembly process. How is it possible for a ceiling fan to heat the house?

In a room with heating and without movement, the air forms a thermal layer. The coldest air is kept close to the ground, while the hot air is lighter and rises by heating the roof. Therefore, on a high floor the temperature of the upper surface is warmer than the floor of the room and the area near it. In the winter the ceiling fans they turn slowly in a clockwise direction. This leads to the entry of cold air rises.

Then and simultaneously the hot air slides along the walls to the ground. With this slow circulation when mixing air differences and temperature is equalized throughout the room without having unpleasant drafts. This allows you to adjust the heating instead of 24 ° C to only 18 ° C, saving up to 20% in heating costs. How does the ceiling fan cool the house? The ceiling fans through the air currents affect the perception of heat and cold, so in summer it is not so necessary to cool the air and yet, at temperatures of 25 ° C or even 27 ° C have the same feeling as at 22 ° C without the ceiling fan. This way you can save a lot of energy and up to 40% of your electricity bill. The ceiling fan at full speed consumes less energy than a 100watt bulb. Many people prefer the ceiling fan Provides a comforting and natural breeze , are more modern and recent than air conditioning.

In 1886 in the United States, father and son John and James Hunter presented one of the first ceiling fans in the world. To this day, the company remains faithful to its motto "Build the best since 1886". Each product must pass a series of 75 separate tests before leaving the factory. The item "Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak" is in sale since Thursday, August 9, 2018. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Heating, Cooling & Air\Air Quality & Fans\Ceiling Fans".

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  1. Brand: - Sin marca/Genérico -
  2. Colour: Eroded brick / solid teak
  3. Features: IPX4 protected against splashing water
  4. MPN: No aplicable
  5. Material: Aluminum / solid teak wood

Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak    Ceiling fan IPX4 Hunter 24324 Outdoor Elements WB brick / solid teak