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Garage Flooring Paints Durable Industrial Concrete Pu150 10lt 20lt, Polyurethane

Garage Flooring Paints Durable Industrial Concrete Pu150 10lt 20lt, Polyurethane

Garage Flooring Paints Durable Industrial Concrete Pu150 10lt 20lt, Polyurethane   Garage Flooring Paints Durable Industrial Concrete Pu150 10lt 20lt, Polyurethane

PaintMax Light Industrial PU150 Polyurethane Floor Paints. PaintMax Light Industrial Pu150 Polyurethane Floor Paints.

Designed for light industrial Flooring. IF THE PRODUCT, COLOUR OR SIZE REQUIRED IS NOT SHOWING AS AVALIBLE PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTLY AS WE ALWAYS HAVE LARGE STOCK AVALIBILE! Nothing transforms a surface like a new coat of paint. Polyurethane Floor Paints are single Pack, so no product mixing, or Adding hardener. Quick and simple to use, giving a clean, safe, durable surface.

We're here to take the fuss out of it - no task is too big or too small! Just get in touch today to find out more about our products. Standard Industrial PU150 PaintMax range, Ideal for lighter Industrial and home use on all concrete surfaces. PaintMaxPro Professional PU350 Paints also available for Heavy Industrial surfaces please see full product range at PaintMax co uk.

We have designed this product to work under the pressures of Light Industrial Vehicles, Jet Washing and Surface Water, Grease and Oil residue, Continuous Footfall, All Weather Conditions both on Interior and Exterior Surfaces. This product is ready to use, single pack, No Mixing products required. PaintMax Pre Sealer is recommended before application. All product Cans are resealable.

Apply quickly and simply with Roller, Brush or Spray. A 20 LITRE CAN WILL COVER BETWEEN 60 TO 80 SQ METRES. (Depending on surface, preparation and application). All PaintMax Polyurethane Paints are Oil based, ideal for all interior & exterior concrete surfaces. Extremely durable, easy product to work with.

The information set out in this section below should be used as a guide, results can vary depending on age, condition of surface and previous coatings that have been applied. Weather conditions and ventilation may also play a part in drying times. Mix very well before use using a drill/paddle tool.

Where the floors have been subjected to oil and grease, we recommend steam cleaning or jet washing your surface and use our Heavy Duty Surface Deep Clean before application of any floor coating after allowing the surface to dry and PaintMax Pre Seal has been used. A floor coating does not do well if you have any moisture issues Hydrostatic pressure from the moisture can actually cause the coating to peel up, sometimes taking pieces of the concrete with it.

Should floors be devoid of an effective Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), virtually any paint will lift and peel off the surface. Indeed, even self-levelling screeds can be pushed up by water pressure.

This is another nightmare regularly experienced by many companies. For this reason, a damp proof coating is recommended as a solution before applying a floor paint. Treating your floor/surface before coating them. It is important to'treat' your surfaces before coating them to prevent issues post-paint.

Before painting your floor or surface, it is important to repair any cracks, holes or expansions of joints in your concrete to prevent an un-slightly finish to your flooring once it's painted. PaintMax Pre Seal is designed to seal the surface from the out-gassing of the concrete, where air will rise and be expelled from the concrete which is often caused by a rise in temperature or a change in humidity. Another major cause to poor flooring is rising damp. Due to a poor or non-existent DPM (Damp Proof Membrane), the damp is caused by a rising water table and/or the immediate surrounding areas being waterlogged. Air entrapment is a common issue that can occur if the surface isn't primed before being coated. This is where the air pushes bubbles into the resin coat which later bursts, leaving'craters' and'pin holes' in your floor paint. This can also be caused when the resin has been mixed too quickly - it is important to use the correct tools to mix to avoid issues.

Primer tackles this issue by soaking further into the surface to fully seal the entire surface area of concrete floors. Air is then less likely to push up, and on the rare occasion that it does, the bubble will pop and the resin now being thinner, will generally revert back and refill the'pin hole' caused by the bubble.

60/80m squared per 20 litres can. Depending on surface age and conditions. Dry time of coating using standard roller in areas with minimal air moisture (lab conditions). First coat should be left to dry for 24 hours to assure adhesion to surface leave minimum of 24 hours for after coats always leaving minimum of 48 hours before 100% use of area again. True 100% cure will only be 7 days after application of last coating.

(Work in a well ventilated area using no forms of naked light/fire). Please test for damp before coating by applying a small test patch or applying a clear plastic sheet (30cmx30cm) and sealing it to the floor with a high grade tape (duct tape) without any ways of air escaping and leave for 24 hours if there is any forms of water vapour on the sheet then a potential damp issue may be present and steps will need to be taken before coatings. If the area you are looking to coat is virgin (never been coated) or has had contamination from oil, grease, cutting agents etc, Cleaning with correct equipment/surface preparation products will be required. Power floated/Screed areas (smooth shinny concrete) will need to be treated with an acid etch or abrade by mechanical means all product info will be displayed on the item you will take collection of. A test patch is always advised as some areas may still have contamination and this could have complications when coating.

The product Can/Tub/packaging may vary from listing picture due to stock levels and availability, Product contents will be as described in listing. PRE-SEAL ITEM IS A UNDERCOAT/SURFACE SEAL AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE OVER COATED WITH A FLOOR PAINT PRODUCT THE PRE-SEAL PRODUCT ON ITS OWN WILL NOT ACT AS A STABLE FLOOR COATING. Floor-paint Products are polyurethane heavy duty high impact formulation and care should be taken when applied full safety data sheet can be requested. All images are for illustration purposes only including main images shade difference may happen from image to product. Any recommendations and advice offered are given without legal responsibility.

PaintMax shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise from advice given or from the use of any of the information contained in any of the materials offered on this website. Ideal for interior or exterior use. High impact durable polyurethane paints for concrete floors, walls, wood and metal products. Same day and Next day.

Please contact before purchasing to arrange, call : 0203 589 2280. Bulk orders, Trade and Pallet price (45x20L) available please contact for discount price. Full Product range avalible at PaintMax co uk. Orders will be dispatch via our courier partners APC. Each time a contact card will be left with instructions on how to contact your local APC depot. Providing you have contacted us to confirm we agree to receive return. Each Tub has a security seal, this must be in place and Tub unopened and in good re saleable condition. If Tub has been opened and or any of the product used no return will be accepted. A return will not be granted if we feel that the product has been open and or used. All our coatings are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality.

We have designed all our products to withstand the test of time. Specialising in heavy duty industrial flooring paints, Barn and timber Paints, Metal work coatings and multi surface coatings.

PaintMaxPro Professional Floor Coatings by PaintMAX - This is our most durable long lasting Surface Paint PaintMaxPro Floor Paint will cover interior & exterior concrete FlooringMade for high impact, heavy Industrial traffic Floor areas Ideal for surfaces where heavy Farm Machinery/HGV's operate, work units, Factory floors, Car Show rooms, Home Garages and all concrete floors and walls/surfaces that are open to the elements. Formulated to last using Polyurethane This product will withstand the test of time. Our PaintMax Industrial Spec Polyurethane floor paints. This product will work under the pressures of Heavy Industrial Vehicles, Jet Washing and Surface Water, Grease and Oil residue, Continuous Footfall, All Weather Conditions both on Interior and Exterior Surfaces. Our PaintMaxPro Metal Coatings range is a market leader, PaintMaxPro Metal Paints will cover all Metal and Steel Products. Formulated to last we offer 3 base Products: A Polyurethane Based coating (24 hour dry time) A White Spirit Based Coating (24 hour dry time) & A QD Xylene Based Coating (30/60MIN Dry Time) All 3 base products are extremely durable and easy to work with.

All 3 come ready to use, single pack, No Mixing products or hardener required. BarnMaxPro Paints by PaintMax Perfectly suited to the protection of exterior timbers.

All weather protection for all barns, stables, outbuildings, sheds, silos, farm buildings, fencing and factory units. It can be applied to previously coated surfaces. BarnMaxPro all weather coatings are designed to last the test of time, very durable and protective with reduced flaking and blistering giving excellent colour retention maximum all year round weather protection. Polyurethane, Oil & 3 Hour Quick Dry Water Acrylic Base. All PaintMax products are Single pack, No product mixing or Hardener required. Available in Matt, Semi-Gloss finishes. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\DIY Materials\Paint, Stain & Varnish\Interior & Exterior Paint". The seller is "paintmaxcoatingsltd" and is located in this country: GB.

This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.

  1. Container Size: 10 L
  2. Colour: Yellow
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  4. Application Method: Brush, Paint, Roll, Spray
  5. Base Material: Polyurethane
  6. Drying Time: 24 hours
  7. Type: Interior/Exterior
  8. Features: Fade Resistant, For Interior, For Outdoor Use, Low Odor
  9. Time Before Recoating: 24 hours
  10. Finish: Semi-Gloss
  11. Unit Type: L
  13. Protection Properties: Dirt Resistant, Splatter Resistant, UV/Fade Resistant
  14. Packaging: Metal Tub
  15. Coverage: 80 m²
  16. Brand: PaintMax
  17. Suitable For: FLOOR, CONCRETE NONE POWER FLOATED, BLOCK, Barn & Fence, Baseboard, Brick, Concrete, Deck, Door, Flooring, Metal, Stone, Wood

Garage Flooring Paints Durable Industrial Concrete Pu150 10lt 20lt, Polyurethane   Garage Flooring Paints Durable Industrial Concrete Pu150 10lt 20lt, Polyurethane