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PAINTHERM SMOOTH Matt Emulsion Paint 12 Colours anti mould mold

PAINTHERM SMOOTH Matt Emulsion Paint 12 Colours anti mould mold

PAINTHERM SMOOTH Matt Emulsion Paint 12 Colours anti mould mold    PAINTHERM SMOOTH Matt Emulsion Paint 12 Colours anti mould mold

Enhance the look of your home interiors or exteriors with PAINTHERM SMOOTH Matt Emulsion Paint available in 12 different colours. This waterproof and fade-resistant paint is perfect for application on brick, vinyl, wall, window shutter, wood, drywall, deck, masonry, stone, door, porch & floor, barn & fence, flooring, and concrete surfaces. Its smooth and textured style adds a perfect finishing touch to any room.

This anti-mould paint comes with features like fast drying, low temperature, stain blocking, mould resistant, no odor, high heat, weather-resistant, UV resistant, one coat coverage, washable, and more. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and its base material is water. Get your hands on this easy-to-use paint and transform your living spaces effortlessly. PAINTHERM Matt Emulsion Paint has been designed to add timeless elegance to your home, delivering a hard-wearing flat matte finish that creates a modern, chalky look for your walls. The paint's low light reflectivity helps to conceal surface flaws and imperfections easily.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this high-quality water-based super matte flat finish paint offers numerous benefits. It is scuff-resistant and provides protection against dirt, moisture, and scratching, ensuring that it adds curb appeal to your home. The paint is suitable for use on all types of interior woods, metals, and masonry surfaces and can be easily applied using a brush, roller, or paint pad.

It dries quickly, making it a convenient option for anyone looking to achieve a beautiful finish without the need for professional assistance. The paint is also fully breathable and has a VOC-free formula, making it safe for both you and the environment. Its affordability and ease of use ensure that anyone can achieve a professional-quality finish in no time. Available colors include Magnolia, Brilliant White, Light Beige, Ivory, Dove Grey, Black, Light Grey, Sage Green, Marina Blue, Classic Grey, Pale Blue, and Waterfall.

Coverage varies depending on the color and porosity of the surface, with an approximate coverage of 10m2 per 1 liter and 6-8m2 per liter if 2 coats are applied. This product can be used in residential, commercial, and institutional settings, such as spas, gyms, schools, universities, and hospitals. Drying time is 2 hours for touch dry and 4 hours for recoatable, but it depends on the climate conditions when painting. It's important to ensure color consistency when using more than one container by mixing them in a single bucket due to batch variations.

The product is easy to apply with a brush, roller, or spray, and 1 or more coats may be required depending on the surface and color being painted. Allow 4-6 hours in-between coats. Proper surface preparation is critical for achieving perfect results. Whether painting interiors, exteriors, or furniture, surfaces should be dry, cleaned, and repaired if there are any rough patches or cracks. If painting on fresh plaster, apply a base-coat or primer before painting.

For wood and metal surfaces, use primer. Ensure that surfaces are fully dried, dust-free, and condensation-free, with no flaking paints.

Damp, condensation, and mold problems may arise due to bad ventilation and water ingress, which should be resolved to prevent them from recurring. To ensure accurate color representation, it's recommended to order a 200ML sample pot before purchasing the paint.

Images on the screen may not display color accurately due to pixelation, and choosing a color can be challenging and frustrating. The sample pot provides a real-life visual of the color as well as a sample that can be used on the painting area.

All customers are advised to order a sample pot. YOU CAN CHECK THE SUPERIORITY OF OUR PRODUCT AGAINST OTHER BIG BRANDS BY ORDERING A SAMPLE AND SEEING THE DIFFERENT. Specialist Paints Online Anti Condensation Paint.

PAINTHERM SMOOTH Matt Emulsion Paint 12 Colours anti mould mold    PAINTHERM SMOOTH Matt Emulsion Paint 12 Colours anti mould mold